NBA 2K18 - Make Sure to Update to Patch 6

NBA 2K18 Patch 6 brings issues that concern hangs and playoffs advancement in MyCareer, improvements regarding the camera, and new ways to get coins.

A new NBA 2K18 patch is available. Patch 6 is not one of the major game patches but it does come with more than welcome fixes and updates. Players will be happy to know that they've got one extra method to get fast and free NBA 2K18 MT coins. They can once again play Trivia in MyCareer mode. To take part in a trivia session they must head to the 2K Zone. For every correct answer, players will get 25 coins. Two annoying issues regarding MyCareer and Bryan have been fixed. MyPlayer sometimes had the unpleasant surprise of not being able to see texts sent by Bryan. When users attempted to do so, a hang would happen. It was fixed so players can now read their texts. Players that were in the Gatorade Training Facility would sometimes be affected by a hang just before initiating an activity. This hang was also fixed. Another issue with tex…